Ideas and Visions


An independent, full-service market research consultancy with a proven track record of providing research excellence and intelligence that inspires our clients.

Who We Are

We Think Bigger

There are many ways we help our client partners make confident business decisions. We Inspire, Engage, Explore, Illuminate, Align, Position and Monitor.

What We Do

We Inspire

Develop new ideas+visions for your business, based around deep consumer understanding

  • Consumer closeness

    Explore, Experience and Engage with consumers, to gain a 360º understanding of the target customer and put them at the heart of everything that you do.

  • Co-creation

    Involve consumers at key stages of the innovation and development process, via ‘Meet the Customer’ sessions and  bespoke online communities.

  • Ideas generator

    Use industry experts and leading edge respondents to brainstorm future trends, cross-fertilise ideas and create next generation products and services.

We Engage

Impactful and involving research output to deliver strategic insights throughout your organisation

  • av@I+V

    We specialise in using film to add a deeper dimension to our research and deliver powerful, engaging and enduring assets.

  • Idea visualisation

    Using our in-house graphics expertise we produce stakeholder-tailored communication pieces, visualise customer worlds and convey focused research findings.

  • Workshops

    We are experts at planning, designing and moderating immersion workshops, to maximise understanding and drive strategic decision making.

We Explore

We help our clients to make informed business decisions, based on a thorough understanding of their target customer

  • NPD

    We are experts in all stages of the NPD process; from initial market exploration and idea generation through to product testing, to identify and develop the best ideas for launch.

  • Clinics

    We are skilled at organising large scale, global vehicle clinics, often flying respondents in from multiple countries, to explore target customer reactions to vehicle prototypes and new feature content prior to launch.

  • Virtual insight lounge

    We use video conferencing software to provide a high quality and cost-effective qualitative solution, where budgets are tight, audiences are widely dispersed or where a single highly focused issue is under investigation.

  • Advanced analytics

    Through bespoke Excel-based simulators and web-based reporting tools we turn customer and market data into usable models to inform decision making.

We Illuminate

Reveal pertinent insights through a detailed examination of the customer’s world

  • Customer safari

    We use a combination of ethnography, observation and film, to help you to experience the world of your customer.

  • Segmentation

    We are skilled at identifying profitable targets, bringing them to life visually and developing appropriate product and communication strategies which resonate with their needs.

  • Statistical modelling

    Identify the factors which predict consumer behaviour, using a range of statistical techniques including conjoint, regression, correlation, correspondence mapping and forecasting.

We Align

Ensure your business is in-sync with your customers across all touch-points

  • Channel strategy

    Review existing channels, maximise cross-selling opportunities and investigate potential new distribution methods.

  • Customer journey

    Understand the entire customer journey, from initial purchase consideration through to after-sales, to focus resource on key points of influence.

  • Point of purchase

    Assess the influence of product standout, merchandising, promotions, ease of navigation and customer service on the decision-making process, in order to convert browsers into buyers.

We Position

Build effective positioning based on a thorough understanding of consumer beliefs, motivations and values

  • Branding

    Leverage our expertise in brand research to exploit  key brand strengths, consolidate your positioning and strengthen your competitive edge.

  • Product

    Develop your product and portfolio strategy by exploring how your products are perceived, their positioning relative to competitors and the impact of changes in packaging, design or pricing on purchase intent.

  • Communication

    Maximise communication opportunities by evaluating the potential of the creative idea, ensuring clarity of message and brand fit.

We Monitor

Keep up to date with what customers are saying, thinking and doing

  • Traditional & innovative techniques

    We use a mix of leading-edge solutions such as the I+V App, bespoke ‘Super Customer’ communities and virtual insight lounge, as well as more traditional techniques to bring you closer to your customer.

We Work Smarter

From a background in automotive research, we have expanded into other sectors, providing all of our clients with high-end, bespoke market research solutions.


We Look Further

With over 70% of our work being international, we have an extensive network of like-minded partner agencies with whom we work across the globe.

We See Clearer

A professionally produced insight film is the most powerful means of conveying findings and engaging your business in research.

We Aim Higher

We are an all-senior team providing our clients with the confidence and reassurance that each research project will be conducted by experienced consultants from start to finish.

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